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Barcelona, Spain

Nostre is an urban experiment set in Barcelona that explores the relationship between ownership and care to redefine reading within a community. By delving into the mutual reinforcement between these two ways individuals can relate to a resource, our goal is to cultivate a symbiotic bond between a thriving, enduring resource and an enriched community. Imagine a space that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting everyone to redefine reading as a communal endeavor. Stories have always been the building blocks of community, so why limit them to solitary pursuits? By breaking free from traditional reading norms that can feel exclusive to those that don't identify with them, we unearth new possibilities and unveil new value in this timeless activity. In practice, Notre is a hub for sharing books, for engaging in group reading, and for discovering novel ways to interact with literature and of generating stories. It embodies the spirit of Barcelona — a city where shared spaces connect generations, activities thrive year-round, and new and old co-exist.

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